Maths: angles and Keynote

I was looking for a useful subject to introduce the iPads in our Maths lesson. So I chose “angles”. The pupils got a worksheet for each team of 3 to 4 pupils. I got pupils together in teams that would not have chosen each other! I knew that the iPads would be motivating enough to push the team spirit. And it worked out.

Each team had a different part. They had to take photos and videos and add them to the keynote presentation.

The tasks were:

-Find angles in nature and around you.

– Form angles with bodies (this team was the sporty on!)

– Construct angles

– Messure angles

– Draw squares and mark the angles, corners, sides with the appropriate letters and angle names.

The presentations were very interesting, humorous and informative. I could use these examples later on, when talking about different angels and problems.

Problems: Our school  is trying out different media (iPads, Windows Tablets). We had problems to save out data, as you can`t use a stick on an iPad.

Our solution: an App called “FileBrowser” got  connected to our school server. Through this App and an Access Point we saved the presentations in the pupils personal account.

The Windows Tablets turn out to be more easily connected. But I think, as our administrator is firm with Windows he had no problem to write a program himself. And he dislikes everything about Apple….

I prefer the motivating, intuitive and professional looking APPS for iPads.

If anyone could help me out with other ideas or opinions, I´d be glad. We are going to instal W-LAN beamers, WLAN, and some sort of tablets in our school within the next 6 months.

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  1. Jenny Hughes
    Jenny Hughes March 13, 2014 at 01:51 #

    Hi Ingrid – thanks for your post! It raised some interesting questions. Personally I am an iOS fan and have an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook. However, I work a lot with primary age kids and am a great believer in Android tablets for this age – they are cheaper and there is more free software available. Funnily enough I had an IT group meeting at school tonight and the Headteacher said he had just bought 6 Acer tablets. We also have iPads. I actually think it’s brilliant to have a total mix of platforms rather than going for one system. The reality is that children will at some point in their lives come into contact with all these platforms – Windows, Android, iOS and the rest. Our job is to make sure that they are equally at home with any of them and, unlike me, can switch easily from one to the other.

  2. Ingrid March 13, 2014 at 19:36 #

    Hi Jenny,
    Tahnks for your comment. It fits to my recent state of mind. It looks as if we’re going to buy Windows tablets and iPads for different purposes. Like working, doing research and training with APPs or working and saving with windows tablets.
    I’ll soon find out.

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