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Glogster is a perfect tool for pupils to present or communicate information. You can use it for creating posters, fact files, project boards or ‘how to…’ instructions. It also serves as a good entry level activity to blogging.  You can put text, images, audio and video files on your Glog and add hyperlinks as well  Full Article…


Light and shadows

Here’s a great primary school resource from BBC schools about light and shadows – it’s a game you can play in groups or as a class. Before you play the game try out all or some of these introductory activities Brainstorm a list of things that ‘give out light’. (List everything learners suggest, even if  Full Article…


History hunt

Age 6-7yrs       Ease ***** Overview: Many young learners find the concept of chronology a difficult concept to learn, especially in the context of longer periods of history. We adapted this idea from a similar project on dinosaurs created for older learners. Pupils will create a folding timeline book displaying modes of transport, or  Full Article…


Wii bowling number chains

Use Wii Sports Bowling with younger children to practice number bonds to 10. Write down the number of pins knocked down and those left standing to create a number sentence (7+3 = 10 etc) Some children could be extended by writing down a three part sum with the second ball. Can also use with older children by  Full Article…