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How much water does the ocean contain?

Let the students search on Google Maps to discover if the Earth contains more ocean than land. Explore the water cycle. Ask some questions like ‘Where do you think rain comes from?’, ‘Does it rain every where?’ After students have shared their ideas, they try to find some explanations. In Glogster they will make a  Full Article…


Energy debate with talking photos

This lesson explores the different issues about  the energy debate in the World. Students will take some pictures of recent initiatives being taken in their area about alternative energy. With the tool Photobabble they can upload their picture and in 60 seconds they can record their statement about the pro and contra of that initiative.  Full Article…


Fly, fly away

Age: 10 to 12 Goal: Find out about the flyway of the lesser spotted eagle using Google Earth. Description: The pupils should learn about the different landscapes the eagle crosses on its way and categories them. In addition to that they should learn how to use computer technology to gather and process data. What you need:  Full Article…


Investigating and acting on local environmental problems

Age: 12-15 years In this lesson, centered on environment and sustainability, students must identify, discuss and act on environmental issues that exist in the school area or in the places where they live. The seriousness of the environmental issues affecting our society needs citizens that are well informed and empowered to take appropriate actions about  Full Article…