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Reading Recitals

Age: 6+yrs     Ease ***** Overview Making audio recordings has never been easier thanks to a raft of free and easy to use downloadable software. We use Audacity® when asking pupils to record themselves reading individually or in a group. We use the audio recording for assessment purposes (peer, self and teacher assessment) and reporting  Full Article…


Images by Instruction

4-6yrs Ease ***** Overview Early on, Learners develop a positive attitude towards ICT and begin to use ICT as a learning aid. Learners will learn to use ICT in a safe, responsible and functional way. Picture dictation can be used with learners of very different ages. It’s a good activity for the memory, concentration, learning  Full Article…


Getting Jiggy!

3+ yrs Ease ***** Overview: Jigsaw Planet is a flexible piece of software for creating online jigsaws. You can create jigsaws from photographs e.g. or from learners own drawings as outlined in this activity. Description: Learners draw a picture on Paint (or similar software) The simpler their drawing the easier the resulting jigsaw will  Full Article…


Fuzzy Feelings

Age: 5+yrs Ease **** Overview This activity is fun and can be used as a little assignment at different times throughout the year. It helps pupils to feel more part of the class and develops their awareness of others’ feelings. If you’re familiar with the activity “The Little Note” this works like a modern equivalent.  Full Article…