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Tag Galaxy

Visual representations of data are nothing new, but Tag Galaxy takes it to new heights in searching Flickr photos. Enter a single keyword (I used “frog”) and you’ll see a 3D representation of a solar system with the keyword as the sun, orbited by related word “planets” (e.g., “amphibian,” “green,” and “toad”). Click a planet  Full Article…


Wordle for Christmas

Just been reading the comment from Meinir Morris on using Wordles to make Christmas cards. She says: “Defnyddiais ‘Wordle’ fel modd i gasglu a chyflwyno ansoddeiriau i ddisgrifio noson tan gwyllt – roedd y plant wrth eu boddau yn gweld ei gwaith ar y sgrin ac yn hoffi’r ffaith bod ei gwaith yn edrych mor  Full Article…


Grown ups couldn’t spell either!

Use your Twitter network and get the children to compose a tweet such as #YsgolEvanJames What was the word you had most problems spelling when you were in school? or  #class4Newtownprimary What word do you still find difficulty in spelling?”  (ask your friends to retweet to their networks as well) Get the children to make  Full Article…


Virtual Library

Age: 8+yrs Ease **** Overview Shelfari is a great online multi-purpose resource. Firstly, learners compile a virtual library of all the books they have read, plan to read or are reading now. They can write reviews after reading their books and share these with other classes and/or schools that they add to their ‘Friends’ list.  Full Article…



Age: 7+yrs Ease **** Overview Through this activity, learners investigate writing in the comic book genre. They will learn how to use dialog to express their ideas and create fun and original story sequences. This is particularly good for investigating sequencing and plot. Description Ask the pupils to bring their favourite comic book to school.  Full Article…